The Program


The Zeroth program is jam packed with resources and events that helps you accelerate the growth of your startup. We have designed a structure and cirriculum that, while intensive, does not distract you from what you need to do as a business. We are here to support and serve our founders and we aim to enable them with all the resources we have at our disposal to help you succeed. This includes our community of mentors and speakers, global network of investors, technical know-how, marketing experience, design thinking and business acumen.

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What we provide

Zeroth invest and provide working capital for your team to kick start your business.


Our team will work closely with you on all aspects of your business.


We bring in heavy-hitting speakers and mentors to provide you invaluable insights.


We connect with you our global network of investors and help you close your first rounds of funding.


Our network of global partners provides our founders with access to various online tools at a heavy discount.

Demo Day

At the end of the program, you will pitch on stage to hundreds of investors. We will help you perfect your pitch.

3 Locations

Starting from Cohort 4, Zeroth now operates accelerator programs in three locations in Asia.

Hong Kong


Our program is designed so that you get the most out of your time with us while not being a distraction to your business. We split the program into three separate phases to maximise our impact and at the same time gives you flexibility grow in the markets that you are targeting.

Program begins
Week 1-2
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All cohort founders will spend the first two weeks of the program on-site in either Hong Kong, Tokyo or Bengaluru offices. These two weeks will be extremely intense, packed with 1:1 strategy meetings with our partners, regularly scheduled speaker and network events as well as recreational outings.

Remote Phase
Week 3-12
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After the first two weeks, the founders will move into the remote phase of the program. This is when you will head back to your home countries to continue working toward product-market-fit. Since most of the startups we take in targets different parts of the world. We feel it best that you operate where your business can grow the most. Strategy meetings and speaker events will continue remotely.

Demo Day Prep
Week 13-14
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Our founders are expected back to be back on-site for the final two weeks of the program. All aspects of the program will continue but there will now be a heavy focus on preparing our startups for Demo Day, which will take place in the final few days of the cohort.

Demo Day
Investor Pitches
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The entire program will conclude with a Demo Day in your cohort’s location. There will be one event in each of our program locations where you will have a chance to pitch on stage to a few hundred investors. This will help you gain maximum exposure for your product, attract possible partnerships and customers, and most importantly, help you close your first checks in your raise.

Continued Support and Network
After you leave
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Your program will end at the conclusion of Demo Day. However, this is only the beginning of our journet together. The Zeroth team, its network of founders and investors from all over the world will be accessible to you long after you leave the accelerator. You can leverage the strength or our community whenever you need help. We at Zeroth are in it for the long haul and will be available to you for years to come

Application Process

Zeroth receives hundreds of applications from all over the world each cohort. Our process for selction is transparent and simple, yet we keep it somewhat rigurous to ensure quality in our portfolio. Below is the general flow of the application process.

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Open Applications

You will need to submit an application via our website.

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Internal Evaluation

Our team will review your application internally and schedule interviews for shortlisted teams.

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Live Interview

We will hold live video interviews with you to understand a bit more about your business and your team.

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Due Dilligence

After the interview, our team will conduct further due dilligence on your startup.

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Results Announced

We will communicate our final decisions at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the program.

Investment Terms

On average, we will invest US$120,000. This is a combination of a US$20K common share investment (6%) and a $100K SAFE note with a US$2.5M cap.

Reource Partners

Through our strong partnerships with some of the biggest sevice providers in the industry, all Zeroth portfolio companies will receive free subscriptions and access to a plethera of popular tools.

US$100,000 worth of AWS credit

US$100,000 worth of Google Cloud credit

US$120,000 worth of Microsoft Azure credit

US$100,000 worth of DigitalOcean credit

US$5,000 worth of marketing solutions with SendGrid